ASTA: the war of tears and winds

A reborn MMO, this time on Steam only. As we will see – based on Eastern themes (Chinese probably).
Character creation: two factions. Good one and bad one, some races are side-bound. Onre race (Draconian?) has only one sex, like Lotro’s dwarves. Customization is good, though some details are too hard to see.
Classes: several ones. I tried ranged ones – Mage, Archer, Healer.

Ganeplay: prepare for Shiny Shiny world. Everything shines, very many shining bright colours. Every player/NPC figure is small – and of course, shiny with fantasy Oriental costumes. Names are Eastern too (I guess – Chinese).

Controls: this is where game is bad at. You just can’t run forward and look  forward at the  same time. Nope. You cointrol going forward and you must control running forward.

Enemies are most;ly peacefull, they just swarm landscape waiting untill you attack them. You don’t attack, they don’t engage. Some, however, are programmed to behave normally.

There is no story except one told in custcenes. You receive quests, you go kill or pick (pickable items are Shiny ones), then return to NPC, NPC sends you somewhere else…with you not caring what happens. Burn rebel leaflet? ok. Kill little devils/laughing devils? Done. Imbue some orb with some souls and place it into wierd item? Ok, move forward. There is no character you could bind yourself to, I could not imagine roleplay there.

Easyness: yes, a MMO that is too easy evemn for me. On the map every quest NPC is marked with “?” and “!” so you won’t miss. There is loot, there is quick travel. Intro region is totally free, dungeons can be soloed.

Classes: so far, Mage sucks and Archer wins. Just because Archer has sniping shot and then Archer has explosive shot that sends enemy away. If that’s not enough, Archers have shot that shoots triple arrows. Tried healer, could be nice too.

Mounts: yes, we have Dragons. They can’t fly (!), you just ride one. We have login rewards and level rewards too.

Community: game (launcher April 26th) is already being spammed with gold sellers. Game admins translate a message with content – if you see smth not good, fele free to ignore. Isn’t your job to get and ban gold scammers, game admins? As for human community – there are Guild advertising, I got ninja-invite into one Guild 9rejected) and one whisper to join. My questions about class etc only in two cases were answered, almost nobody wanted to asnwer newbie questions.

Resuming: Asta is a game that may last shortly, but it is your option (it’s freee!) to relax should any quality MMO be on maintenance. A game without sould, without any story except “good and bad battled, now they continue battle”. Nothing that would make you think – oh well, maybe pay these few $?

Lord of the rings online

Festival goes on, my Naktieskarys is doing evreyr quest…i.e. was doing. I ran into quest that required new quest pack. And yes, I do not have one, boycotting them. So, had to cancel entire quest only due to developers’ wish to sell bad quality questpack. Curse you, develeopers. This thing aside, I was doing good, even managed to get Vytautaz to do festival quest. You know, 10 empty scraps of paper would be exchanged into some cool rewards, so I do not want to miss an opportunity.

We save Game master online (+Doe), so World chat for the first time was nice and polite…untill GM left. Then it returne to previous bad state. I wish they ban users for political talks, these are for no good.

Naktieskarys managed to advice one fellow player from Lithuania: proud lvl.16 Minstrel (quality class, riught choice!). Of course, should dhe need help, I would always help.

Naktieskarys is now heavily grinding festival tokens: I want mount and mount cosmetics. This is some 260 tokens and I have around 160…within one week. It means hard work.

Managed to run Featured instance. Loot was very good: 2 reputation items, 2 journals. I am prepared to jet-level reputation with all factions/subfactions of Wastelands.

And so, weekend has ended, it was a good in interesting one. Puity Festival ends so soon.