Lord of the rings online

Lag. Heavy, heavy lag in Bree that spoiled most of gameplay. Other than that:
Naktieskarys did Festival dailies, managed to finish 4/7. Lag was heavy, sometimes it was really hard to do anything. Failed one fireworks quest due to it.

Lag spoiled helping one player. He wanted po opwer-level, I told he could use experience tome. We did one Tuckoborough, then Siege of Gondamon, then Tucko…

And there I stuck. I was standing, no action, no vision (darkness only)… then connection to server lost. It was bad, I felt bad.

Logged later with Stormsong in Wastelands. Everything was good, even Bree vault.

Business things: traded one Tome of Will to another. Now, my Minstrel is more powerfull and lacks another one…after that, I would be able to use some 3 other tomes in my vault. Another kinnie wanted tome…but I had only one for exchange. Sale is not an option, I need tome, not gold.

Stormsong aided one lvl.20s Beorning with all 3 Great Barrow instances. Luckily, he knew Thadur strategy and learned “if trouble, run to me, not from me” axiome. Everything went perfect with this.

I am waiting for Year 3/ year 4 quests. It’s so refreshing and interesting.

And so the day has ended, too laggy in Lotro.