Lord of the rings online

We had an update. Developers finally listened to players and allowed travel to Dead Marches without accepting quest. Just a quick ride for all, free and non-free players. Also, some minor things got corrected.

Naktieskaryd spent day doing festival quests – fireworks, letters. Bree is always lagging, many people talking about it. Kinnies told there once wa 50 players in fireworks area. No surprise this area lags heavily. Developers under-estimated many things and now we pay with lag. Solution could be simple: more places to farm Festival tokens, like Fireworks in Thorins Hall or preparing some dishes in Shire.

Still no Year 3/Year 4 quests. Just when would they add these?

In the forums developers claim they ARE playing. Anonymous, mostly top-level toons. The question is, are they playing as all of us or just typing: setlevel-105; setLI – FirstAge105; Setgold-9999; Setaccount-VIP; Setlegacies-max; SetAnfalasScrolls-999; SetAnfalasCrystals-999; Setstatustomes-max.? Are they doing all 75 quest in The Shire? Are they killing grims in Forochel, Dragonets in Moria? Are they actually listenig to what players are doing, watching some empty lands without chance to find fellow player? I do doubt. Developer may create toon, max it with few command lines, ride through Bree/Shire/end game lands and tell everything is ok.

I do wait for Year 3 and Year 4 quests. Running daily quests is a bit boring: maximum 2 at one night, then, say, 1 Sparking Interest and 1 Envelope.

Speaking on envelopes: we had a good rant about them, joking about “there is a poison in some of them”, turning into “do not worry, death is quck, unlike some painfull Werewof curse contained in some envelopes”. Also, talked with one kinnie about equipment. He told mine was pretty good (my Minstrel’s) for soloing dps and if I want, I may replace essences with N.ithilien ones. Well, a nice advice I am eager to follow.

And so the day has ended – quite good in Lotro.