Lord of the rings online

We have new Featured Instance, this time – Ghlinghant. Tried to get into groups, but did not succeed.

Naktieskarys was the only active.

I was waiting for Year 3 and year 4 quests on Anniversary festival. Unfortunately, there were none. Did some daily quests (3/7), managed to come to the Methel stage, but there were no players.

I really lack Anniversary tokens. Need mount, maybe – mount cosmetics and Anfalas crystals.  Anfalas are priority by far. Players on forums sometimes complain that tokens are rare to get and there are much to barter.

Forums and chat is also full of complaints, some are dissatisfied with high level requirements. I can’t support this – leveling to lvl.105 is not too hard (with Gift of valar? hard?), with Mithril coins you can get everywhere.

Aided a group of lvl.21 players in Great barrows. Well, it was simple: my Champion rushes, they follow. Sometimes they rushed, I followed and some players managed to die. But we finished it and things were great.
Contrary to my clearly expressed will – received payment (!) and some gifts from player I aided. I guess it would take some time for others to understand “help for free” idea…

Now I am really waiting for Year 3 and Year 4 quests, eager to engage new quests and deeds.