Lord of the rings online

Few long days in Lotro. I am enjoying festival activities – visiting places I once was, finishing deeds. Also, I am able to aid others with advice – except one. “Where is Gollum”, these are coordinates I cannot remember. Sometimes I answering about when festival ends or how to get to Dead Marches.

Managed to aid few players, including one lvl.105 in North Ithilien. He needed some DPS and told me I had fantastic DPS. Well, sounded nice, though my Legendary weapon is far from perfect so far, I lack some Anfalas crystals for legendary rune.  We talked a bit about Withywindle. My beloved server with its playerbase, somehow inflated prices…but still it is my. Yes, I am getting to know Laurelin, finding my place there, behaving like in Withywindle. Laurelin is my home, but I would always remember Withywindle. One my toon was left there, just before closure, to stand where it started – in Archet. There, at the outskirts of Archet, that toon met the end of the world (i.e. server).

Unfortunately, on Stormsong I had to cancel all Festival quests. I am unable to finish them, would take too much.  For festival new quests one needs to be Premium/VIP or have hundreds of maps.

With Kinship advice, dealt with essences. Some were trash (ANorien), some – seemingly good. Yet I am not sure what to do if Mordor brings new essences.

In short, I am feeling really good. Festival gives plenty activity (and lag: Bree does lag heavily). I need every single token for Anfalas crystals, essence removal scrolls, mounts, mount cosmetics. I even do niot have time for Featured instances. So – really waiting for new quests (Year 3 and Year 4). Life is superb once again in Lotro.