Lord of the rings online

Yesterday had all the day doing Temple on my two toons. Some Anfalas scrolls, some extreme rare War Materials boxes, some trash. Alas, had to trash Tome of Vitality. It has almost zero demand on Auction house (nobody buys even for 20 gold), my tries on Trade chat to know market price have failed. It wasn’t wise decision, I know. But it does fit into my philosophy: item is either usable, either sellable for good price. If not, item just takes valuable space and should be deleted. If tome does not sell for ~100 gold and my toons cannot use it – I would delete it, not give away.

But this is not important. Today, we have Lotro’s 10th anniversary festival! My feedback below.

We get standard auto-bestowed “travel there” quest. Then, I got mail from one Hobbit near Party tree asking to arrive. Developers promised something – so I arrived. We have deed to do 7 quests daily, then – some “Scavenger” quests.

We have three of them, Scavengers. They are divided ino days and only 3 quests are offered. Yes, all about Frodo. One quest about him, then one about various locations, third – about killing enemies. Locations and monsters vary: from Shire to North Ithilien, so – mostly for lvl.105. My Stormsong had problems with this, she is not Premium, no swift travel…Switched to Naktieskarys who is premium.

Frodo memories: just need to visit some place and perform certain things, like /dance, /faint. Also, it is Frodo’s house that you should collect 3 memories (won’t miss those floating little shiny books).

Locations: this is where you need to visit almost all Middle Earth. Visit Gate of Shadows (Moria), then one location in Moria, Northdowns, then nice Anduin, Evendim…finally, Cross-roads at Ithilien.

Monsters: big list too, from low levels to some lvl.60s. Doable, quest advices to take Niel’s bounty quests at Esteldin. I took, but it should be possible to do without it.

Bartering: this year mount shines! We have Dragon-steed. Yes, dear lovers of Istaria and Game of Thrones, something like armoured Dragon. Looks nice. Also, your standard essence reclamation scrolls and Anfalas crystals (those – toon bound and 40 tokens).

In short, Festival looks good for me. For some reason, forum is full of negative feedback, like “why stuff for lvl.105 only?”. Maybe because Frodo got to Mordor itself and we remembering what happened to him.

Thus were my experiences for yesterday evening and today’s morning. Waiting for weekend and more Festival questing.