Lord of the rings online

We have Update 20.1 that would mostly install Lotro 10 years anniversary events. I am waiting for Scavenger hunt. If it is stuff like 3 quests for week – good, will do; if something about competition – no, thanks.

Featured instance: 4 runs, on Minstrel I was required as healer. Could not understand why, my group could nuke anything without me. But if they wish, they get. Loot was kind of good: few Crafting journal boxes, some War materials. As always, Anfalas scrolls. Naktieskarys used them and now has one legacy almost fully maxes.

Also, ran Deepening wall with one player, just to finish the Epic. We perfomed mediocre: lost 1 banner and some other stuff. Side quests were done. I got some Stars of merit (anyone still using them?), 1 obsolete jewellery and 1 tome of Vitality XI. Jewellery is bound and was trashed. Tome would be deleted – absolutely nobody wanted it. Auction house? There are some, lowest price is 20 gold and nobody is buying for that, nobody is even bidding. So, these have zero market value: zero gold, zero silver, zero copper. Would probably trash them.

Naktieskarys is doing well with Anfalas scrolls…but now lacking Anfalas starlit crystals. I really hope Festival would give me a chance to get these. After all, if they increase LI cap one day, I must be ready for it.

Ran into one problem. I was adviced by nice and wise player to purchase Wastelands quest pack so that my grind would be more effective (now it’s really slow). My counterarguments: this is content I do not enjoy and would not enjoy, why should I support it bu purchasing (for LPs)? Not sure what to do, since I ran into 2 hard arguments: effectiveness versus 100% disliked content.

Asta is returning. Looks like they have new developers. I remember playing it and disliked for very problematic controls (run to target and set camera to target at one same time). Maybe they would rethink controls – to be user friendly, maybe they would consider to leave PvP behind. COuld it be worth trying? If they go for normal controls and 100% avoidable PvP – yes.

And so my day has ended, the day has been good in Lotro.