Lord of the rings online

Happy Easter to everyone who celebrate it! Well, happy Spring event for those who don’t…

Weekend was so-so. Featured instance was not an option, too hard for me. Farmed Scholar materials untill I got 1000 of them. Then stopped. Naktieskarys farmed Weaponsmith materials.

Kinnies provided me with lots of single-use reputation stuff recipes. One day I crafted almost everything (limited by Dagorlad crafting journals only). Now, I do have ~90 units of some weirdo collections. With reputation acceleration tomes, it would be a nice speed-run. Of course, Naktieskarys had to grind for Anorien ore. Of course, crafting single-use recipes is not fast. Without huge help of kinnies I wouldn’t be able to do this.

Followed our kinnie Taltoz to Warg Pens (lvl.101) to farm task board items. Quite efficient, except few stuns. He told I did almost all stuff myself, on squishy Minstrel. Well, turns out it is a nice place to farm. I would only be limited by instance locks.

Later Featured instance changed to Lost Temple. It is longer than I expected and not too easy. Overall, doable. Gained some Anfalas scrolls and few War materials boxes.

I also ran LP farm run on my alt, XindiF. This was something I wish I won’t remember. Well, my lvl.8 Minstrel was slaying wolves near Celondim lake. Was almost alone when another Minstrel came. I continued to farm, knowing I would use slayer deed accelerator to finish slayer deeds, return to Bree and delete this toon. I farmed and farmed, competing with that Minstrel, saw him leaving…

Only then I notice his tell asking if I was doing it for deed. I did not answer all the time. He wished me happy, silent Easter and that my selfishness won’t backfire.

Oh my. I was ashamed. Yes, was in a hurry and did not check IMs…but that’s not an excuse. Later ran to farm Goblins, saw that Minstrel leaving. Was ashamed to talk to him. I did wrong thing.

Later XindiF finished Ered Luin slayer, killed some spiders and neekers in Bree, paid for house upkeep, got deleted. Yet I did the wrong thing.

Next day helped few players with Garth Agarwen and Goblin Town. Noticed one person behaving like Stormsong – asking if anyone needed help. Good to see that, I must pay more attention to others, even when doing second-handed quick-runs.

And so weekend has ended. It was kind of good in Lotro.