Lord of the rings online

Unfortunately to some persons, no idea where to find carrots in Lotro. Eastern bunny may know, but no idea where bunny is. Just not Gollum, you know.

Spend little time: grinded Scholar materials, then received a bunch of single-use recipes from very generous kinnie. Helped 2 players in Garth Agarwen, once again I was happy with my AoE attacks. Had to decline one player’s question to help in Carn Dum with this tentacle monster.

Was invited by kinnie to storm Warg Pen (rumours are, these drop taskboard items). So far – declined. No matter how good it is, it’s instance and hence limited use. I may try someday though.

Also, talked in Kinship chat about Featured instance. Folks understood me wrong and told I did not trust them. Well, I do not trust myself. I am probably under-geared, under-equipped and with current system when equipment is outdated before you get it – I would be undergeared and always out-performed.

Perhabs I should switch to quick Lotro points grind: some Ered Luin deeds and that’s all. It’s maximum 100 LP, but still something. And yes, wait for next week’s featured instance – maybe it would be good for me.

So the day has ended, a bit empty in Lotro.