Lord of the rings online

Stormsong did boring stuff – just farmed Scholar items. She already has nearly 1000 Dagorlad Scholar items. Why grind? maybe one day I would get hundreds of recipes, then would miraculously get some reputation acceleration tomes as well as crafting tomes…

Nobody needed any help (oh Lotro, a unique game in this kind!).

We had a superb rant in World chat. Someobyd aked what books of Tolkien everyone likes most. I haven’t read any, so answered – I wish there was a book by Tolkien “Death of all Hobbitses and Burning of Shire by 9 Hero Nazgul”. Then it began. We discussed alternative facts about Sauron and Saruman.

Sauron was not that bad after all. He gave prsents, befriended everyone, only asked for love and understanding. Multicultural society prospered. Walls were erected, but only to know any Rohirrim is in Mordor on legal grounds. You know, census of population, statistics and alike… Isengard, no doubt, favoured wisdom and diplomacy above military actions – something that Aragorn could not boost of.  In fact, Sauron loved Hobbitses like no one else. And yes, “free people” were slaughtering everything. Entire Mordor civilization destroyed. Even herald of Sauron – one who should be protected by his rank of diplomat – was killed. You know, just because one wanna-be-king disliked. Creeps are killed because they simply have another point of view. No doubt, we talked that only in Mordor/Angmar everyone had a right to bear arms (only chief leaders did not have them) and arms were free. Mordor was made great again.

Rant continued and continued, we were having a good laugh. One person told it was “Blasphemy!”, but we assured it was just rant. A pity, I had to go to sleep and leave all talks.

The day ended. I had nothing to do in Lotro, just grind Scholar materials and rant.