Lord of the rings online

We have news about Lotro 10th anniversary! There would be more fireworks, some 3 daily festival quests, twitches and many other stuff. I am glad about it – at last some nice, non-boring, non-grindy activity! And yes, be honest, extra Anfalas crystals for my Naktieskarys (and he needs many).

While we have no festival – I am just bored. Grinding Scholar materials. Then killing monsters for Task board items. Then – riding to farm one Orcish camp. After camp is farmed to boredom, return to town and grind Scholar materials.

It is plainly boring, Orcs won’t drop usefull things and I am stuck there forever (Mordor content? Probably would ignore it). I do need place or two to farm task items (i.e. – need animals). Well, I need to farm myself, that is how I may escape boredom. Then – one nice farmable Orcish camp to hunt for recipes, rep.items and other things. Again – to farm myself, I really enjoy being self-efficient.

While there are no such places, I am bored and no player needs help and I cannot run any Featured Instance.

So the day has ended, entire boredom in Lotro.

Other games

Read in mmorpg.com about Terra. New class, new stuff…read my own thoughts. Yeap, Terra not for me. Thought about Ryzom. Sandbox, classless, too high customization – most likely, not for me.