Lord of the rings online

We have new Featured instance: Erebor. It’s a raid level instance, one I really dislike. Joined group, we ran into battle, first few enemies were easy (for 12 players, yes). Then came second wave, I attacked some enemies 2 or 3 times…oops, found myself killed. Retreated, only to find door locked and so stayed out of action for all run. I hoped to NOT receive rewards (I did not earn them). Received ones. Fortunately/unfortunately it was 1 ANfalas scroll and 1 trash equipment. Left raid, never to return to this instance. It’s hard, it’s too hard. Later Kinship organized Kin run, but I declined. Sorry, it’s really hard, way too hard.

Stormsong turned in task items, then farmed Scholar materials and one camp. This time monsters were greedy, dropping only few reputation items. I do not know how to succesfully farm them, instances being out of the question.

Did not manage to help anyone: nobody needed help.

And so the day has ended – a bit grey in Lotro.