Lord of th rings online

Weekend has been busy in Lotro – and really a quality one.

Featured instance was succesfull. I received 1 Anfalas starlit crystal, 1 Tome of Agility 5, some War materials (and trash essences I no longer care to store in vault). Runs were smooth, Sword Hall so far is pure paradise.

Naktieskarys started to max yet another legacy which is really good.

Stormsong farmed Scholar materials in Wastelands. It’s not very productive, yet doable. Even managed to loot that ‘floating’ chest. At the end of the weekend, farmed one camp killing all inhabitants. Results: almost 1 day of farming (with little competition) – 2 recipes, some reputation items and Scholar craftign materials.

Managed to aid one player with Goblin killing in Lonelands. Goblins, then some Goblin “leader”. Another player was helped with Giants in Misty mountains. I was really lucky with this one: he led me to monsters, letting me DPS and not running ahead. Everything went nice.

Our community sometimes is too helpfull. Example: I asked where to farm certain task items, just landscape (non-instance) farm. Result – received mail with 100 of these. Thanks a lot, but place/coordinations could be bit better. I would need tons of these items after all. Then, I would need lots of marks too to buy reputation accelerators.

And so weekend has ended. It was really good and productive in Lotro.