Lord of the rings online

Featured instance runs were sucesfull. Anfalas scrolls, some journals (and trash essences, to be honest). Naktieskarys managed to max another legacy and started upgrading another.
One very kind kinnie send a treasure: a pile of task items and valuable reputation item things. The only question is: how I would ever repay my Kin? They are so kind and helpfull to me…and I can offer so little.

Stormsong grinded Scholar materials, but there was some competition. Also, managed to help one player in Eregion. I know it: if help is needed, then it’s that Wood troll in his cave. Also, another player was helped in Trollshaws: I nuked anything, being stopped by lag only.

Then was approached by other player. “Are u so bored?” – he asked. I told that in short, yes (long answer would be too long). He offered LP grind run. His strategy: make Dwarf/Elf toons, finish Ered Luin and Shire slayer deed. In my thoughts I disagreed. Even if these 2 were Minstrels, Shire means slugs and harvest flies. Besides, Bree slayer deeds are easier. Had to decline.

In short, things are going good in Lotro. If only I could do something usefull for my Kin – supply with stuff, craft something…