Lord of the rings online

Stormsong, Naktieskarys and Vytautaz ran featured instance. I was really satisfied with these runs. They are quick, at lvl.101-104 can be won by two players and the loot was good: those extremely rare Host of the West faction reputation items! Also, some Crafting journals boxes – once again, chosing Scholar ones.

Tried to grind Scholar materials in Wastelands, met competition, retreated to Orc camp. Nuked anything and got more Host of the West faction reputation items. Absolutely no scrolls, which can only confirm they almost do NOT drop.

Bright thing aside: I am really stuck with new content. I need tons (thousands) of task items to reach top level. If I am to max reputation with factions – I need thousands of reputation acceleration tomes (too expensive to buy). And to barter quality stuff, I will need hundreds of those rare reputation items. Even with three toons doing featured instance and with FI being non-greedy…let us say, I loot entire 3 rep.items each day. I need some 170 items for one faction (coutning one item as 500 rep.value). So, at its best – some 170 days of very succesfull grind. And then probably the same amount to barter stuff…by that date all good stuff gets outdated. A proof that everyone would accept, except our developers.

However, so far things are really shiny. Even my Dagorlad Onyx got sold, so – “so far, so good”…