Lord of the rings online

Featured instance runs were just perfect. I ran them on all 3 toons. Loot included Anfalas starlit crystal (used by Naktieskarys), Crafting journal boxes (chose Scholar), reputation items…and some trash essences.

Dagorlad Onyx did not sell, as I predicted. Well, would trash then, no need to pay for the failed experiment third time.

I really enjoyed Featured instance. Everything went just superb and loot was good. Naktieskarys is slowly advancing his legendary weapon. Later I would be forced to hoard empowerement scrolls.

Managed to aid two players with Waterwheels. A pity, I really needed to go to sleep and could not help them further.

Not so shiny news about Dagorlad recipes: not only are they single-use only, their prices are really high. I asked in Kin, was told on some not-so-low price. Bearing in mind I may need ~400 of them…I should use all money on all toons to get something.

To get something for one toon. Developers are making crusade versus common sense (and they know, they will fail). Noobody speaks any good on Update 20. But developers cannot admit defeat and cannot shout about triumph, they are in “lose-lose” situation.

And so, the day has ended, quite happy in Lotro.