Lord of the rings online

New Featured instance – finally, something doable! This time, Sword Hall of Dol Guldur. It was a joy for me to rush into battle with Minstrel and one of Champions. Once again, some nice loot. I started to unpack Crafting journal packages and choosing Scholar tomes. For Scholar, I have very little nodes, yet many basic materials and too little chance to loot journal. For weaponsmith, contrary: many nodes, little basic materials, good chances for journal.

Dagorlad Onyx does not sell well – maybe due to overpricing or just because of huge income. Two small lots sold, one (400 pieces) – on hold. Guess it won’t sell, but let us try.

I am really glad about Featured Instance. Finally, some activity and I could get all my 3 toon through it. Yes, they will be supplying Naktieskarys and then would probably just stock Empowerement scrolls

New regions are just hopeless grumpyness. Nothing good in it, except what even SSG fanboys at forum starting to notice: SSG is pressing players to purchase content. And yes, should they look for investor, they could proudly tell – our content is so good, 99% player purchased in and everyone enjoys flower picking so much, that 99% are doing this activity, what an awesome content we created!

However, I have activity, started levelling Vytautas’ farmer/cook and our 10th Anniversary festival is close. Things starting to be good in Lotro.