Lord of the rings online

My daily routine in Lotro is just hopeless and boring. No feelings like “wow, I accomplished this!”. Log in, run through Wastelands, gather stuff, gather flowers, repair equipment, gather stuff…repeat untill ultra-bored. Sometimes I get into fight, managing to loot the most valuable reputation items.

Since featured instance is hard and Spring festival is lame – no other activity. What keeps me alive is Kinship and occasional trolling in World chat. I do defend Sauron/Saruman. These were not bad, just Saruman had extremely lame military advisors (who adviced marching ALL army of Isengard so that they become easy prey of Free People’s AoE attacks?). Also, got into some discussion on BDSM.

Yeap, adult themes, please discontinue reading if it’s against your views.

Still there? Good. Of course, I when someone said about punishing – yes, whip and handcuffs…these (mobs) were bad, very bad, really bad, they do need punishment. Someone remembered about Balrog, whip and Gandalf, one told me I was naught and my Minstrel toon answered – “Yes, I am naughty…I am really bad…” … untill one player reminded to stop ERP (Erotic roleplay). Was I roleplaying other person? Not sure. Anyway, stopped talks, but these were refreshing.

Helped few people: one with Sword halls to check his DPS. We died two times, but it was no problem. Crafted weapon and to my dismay, received payment. Gosh, I never ask for payment, if one has too many coins – may give to newbies. Helped one Champion in North Downs (shing-shing, yay!).

Naktieskarys finally reached full efficiency in Prospector and Weaponsmith. Now just gathering Anorien ore and local flowers, supplying Stormsong with Host of the West reputation items.

Overall, I have little acitivities I could enjoy. Farm and farm nodes, gather and gather flowers, feel abandoned by developers and almost mocked by other players. The only joy are crafting journals I could find and some World chat activity.

Lotro, just a grey game (without 50 shades of Gandalf the Grey).