Lord of the rings online

There is almost nothing to tell about my adventures in Lotro. Same and same thing every single day: log in. say hello, then:
a) wait for Scholar nodes to spawn, harvest them, return to safe place, repeat or
b) mount horse as prospector, ride and farm every node I meet.

That’s all. Featured instance is hard, surely not for me. Regional quests not for me, because dfo not have quest pack (and it will never pay off).

Had to delete ~530 dagorlad onyxes. Asked for a price or at least for barter – nobody needed. After dew asks just deleted. Before that got some ‘gimme gimme”, refused. An item is in my inventory because it’s usefull for me – for my own good or for sell. If item is not usefull, it is deleted/vendored. A pity, I really thought these materials had any value. In world chat I wa bit trolled becvause of that.

Yesterday one very kind kinnie adviced about reputation things. She told to farm monsters with 40.000+ health, they could drop recipes. Ok, tried to kill few yesterdsay – no result. Not to worry, i just need a bit more, right? Right. Kinnie told about camp with few Signatures. Killed signatures several times. No recipe. To make things worse, recipes are single use, so that to max reputation I may need at least 5000 recipes. If killing 20 monsters does not give any recipe – let us be optimistic: 40 monsters will do. So, 40 x 5000 – is it about 200.000 humanoids whose health is >40.000 to be killed?

Developers, you are totally ruining the game. And your crusade against mathematic will only end in you,l developers, being “heroes” in TV show “Science of stupid”.

Lotro, a sad, depressing, grumpy world without any purpose.