Lord of the rings online

Only Naktieskarys was active. I went to farm Dagorlad (s)crap nodes in Wastelands once again. Onyx is flowing, soon would have 500 and nothing to do with it. Sell? Barter? However, I am getting valuable Weaponsmith items as well as rare Cook items.

Tried to farm some elites: 1 cook ingredient, esle nothing good, folks confirming that farming landscape monsters are of no use.

And then had arguing with kinnies. Unfortunately, they did not understand me. I was talking that if I want to get reputation items without questpack – I am left with no options. Crafting is too slow, very uneffective and soloing elites with 300.000 health is not possible.
In exchange, I got responses, like “You should support game and buy qp” (well, I buy it with LPs…), “this is mmorpg, get used to groups”, “you could craft”, “you want the best gear which is by raiding”. I tried – in vain – to explain it was about option. An opportunity to choose. And developers took away anything.

Now imagine Minstrel-Scholar that enjoys solo content. Farming scholar materials is very complicated. Fighting 300,000 elites with light armour – very complicated. Best areas are locked behind quest pack. The only chance is to wait for Roving Threat and pray that monster drops 1 or even 2 reputation items. Ok, you do 4 RTs per day, earning some 400-800 reputation. And I am talking about specific, non-task board factions. Without ten of thousands reputation accelerators – mission impossible.

The problem is simple: developers do not play game (propaganda-broadcasts not counted), developers do not listen to players (or listen only for confirmation: yes yes, goosd content…), developers do not understand how people play. To make things worse, developers fail to understand: freedom to choose is the best thing.

I was unsatisfied with these arguings. Maybe I should try harder to explain what is my position, what I can and what I can’t do.

Overall – boring, grumpy day in boring, grumpy region. The only non-grumpy thing: crafted one lvl.100 First age weapon for other player. Otherwise – grumpyness, emptyness and misunderstandings.