Lord of the rings online

New Featured Instance is – Seat of the Great Goblin. One sometimes I died at lvl.105 (when Goblin was, say, 50). Sorry, no.

Stormsong rested. Naktieskarys, my always grumpy Dwarf, rode to harvest. I ignored epic quests, they give me no cool rewards. This time was just farming things as Prospector.

And things went great. There were load of Dagorlad Scrap everywhere. Within one day and few hours I gathered ~100 of Armourer, Weaopnsmith, Jeweller materials as well as 2 Cook materials. Bonus things: 2 crafting journals, Weaponsmith and Jeweller.  Also, picked local flora, avoided combat (why should I fight monsters when they drop nothing usefull?). Two times died when entered some undead-riders infested land with huge Damage over time. Never defeated in combat (because avoided it).

Well, this prospecting gives explanation su blog’s title: The Things We Lost. We lost fun. Something cool, something to remember from overall region. Now, it is only riding, grinding stuff, returning to ruins, repairing, then rushing to grind again.  New region is just a copy-paste of Angmar (brown land), Dead Marches (lights, slugs…) and Lone Lands (no hubs) with Limlight Gorge v.3.0 and pre-quest locked crafting dungeon (Hytbold v.2.0). I am riding through this region with no real purpose: grind there and here, take this and that…with no soul in it.

And so the day has ended: no fun, no soul, no adventures in neww region, only very fruitful Prospector grind.