Lord of the rings online

Stormsong ran the new content! First, she had to rush with Book 7…and then up to new epic.
It starts in Host of the West and basically follows Aragorn’s diversion at The Gates of the Teeth, witnessing dialogue with Mouth of Sauron.
Epic was short. Maybe too short. I expected something larger, with running from A to B, visiting locations… Not this time. Talk to Aragorn, prince of Gondor, Gimli, Legolas, kill few Orcs, witness stuff. At the end of the epic (“Mordor triumphant”) Pipin died. Some troll fell on him and brave Hobbit met his end. Movie ended with vision of Anduin river.

Yes, cinematic and dialogues were good. Epic quests were not interesting. Region itself is absolutely uninviting and uninteresting. No cool places to visit, scenery to view, no larger hubs with facilities. Lots of orcs and fauna to kill, should one wish to do so.
Crafting is non-productive and real pain. My scholar ran from one of few to ruins to another, gathering really little materials. Crafting instance is locked beneath quest pack wall. Monsters won’t drop reputation items, task board accept stuff for only one faction, Host of the West.¬† I thought monsters (be it humanoids or crawlers) may drop, but after first ~20 kills – no item. Hunting elites is suicide, I attacked Khundolar Guardian with some 191.000 hp…and was killed, my own firepower wasn’t enough, heals were too weak.

I asked in Kin chat for advice and one wise kinnie told: check epic quests, see if you experience lag, see how you feel and then decide. That was a really wise advice. I checked, I understood I won’t like it…and probably saved some 800 Lotro points.

New region has new flowers. Named after bones, wraith and alike. These drop violet and golden extracts. Folks keep telling I can barter something for them.

In short, new region is just bad. Nothing invites to stay there, to try some quests or kill/harvest stuff. Yeah, we have few forced fellowship areas (Limgliht Gorge/Tarlags Crown, copy-paste). We have some swamps with swamp slugs. Few ruins (and even one dog in ruins). Nothing more that could catch an eye. The only good thing: no lag in new lands and many enemies to kill for task items.

Luckily, managed to aid few players and run some featured instances.

And so, weekend has ended – half good in Lotro.