Lord of the rings online

Game was lagging most of the day. Being in Bree with little players was unebearable. I could hardly move, any action took much time to dp: move, open doors, chat…

Feedback on Update 20 is almost 100% negative. Reputation sutff drops rarely. Lag is heavy (everyone complained). New equipment is nice, but costs enourmous amounts and grind is too huge. Reputation increased (we have 2 more tiers).

Forums are full of dissatisfaction, nobody defended new regions. To make things worse, developers removed rep.items from monster drop.

My day was spent with few fetaured instances at the end of the day: at least these were smart and nice. Later, World chat was full of politics concerning London attack. As I said, one can easily predict nationality and religion of attackers: too easily. Too easy to understand these people would never become civilized. They may know how to use AK-47 or plant a bomb, but they would never understand what civilization is.

And so, laggy-grumpy day was over. I am losing interest in Lotro. Vytautaz finished last reputation tier with cook guild: nothing more to do.