Lord of the rings online

We have new update, Update 20. It was applied very quickly, perhabs few hours earlier than I expected. Cudos, developers.

  1. We have no level cap increase, simple or legendary. Not good, I expected LIs to receive it.
  2. 8 new flower types and 2 new extracts. Oh yes, mushroom extract. Wonder, what would we get at next update – real drugs? Very lame and worthless.
  3. New crafting recipes and some crafting items dropping from Featured instances. Not sure about this.
  4. Quests sometimes are being critised, like “kill NN flies”. Travel to Mordor to kill flies, really? Not good.
  5. New reptuation/barter items. Kinnies adviced to keep them which I would gladly do

Almost everyone was doing new content, me being exception. I won’t purchase it (not worthy) and so far player complain about huge lag. This means, I need to wait and only then do epic quest line.

Meanwile I did Featured instance runs, this time – Wrath of Earth. Everything went really well, we have some DPS machines that nuked anything. Now, I can gather all scrolls I need, supply Naktieskarys with ones.

And so the day has ended. It was good in Lotro and I need only some time to start epic quests (not going to purchase any qp untill they make content soloable and without senseless grind, i.e. flower rng).