Lord of the rings online

Update 20 is today, March 21! Everyone, prepare for downtime.

This week’s Featured instance is Haudth Valandil. Yes, the one with lights and reflecting damage. A kind of compensation for Water wing: in that wing Minstrel suffers…in this instance Minstrel shines. I ran, resurrected 1 player (suicided by dps…everyone experienced that), looted some 3 scrolls.

Then, was able to help one Minstrel with Garth Agarwen instance. Initially he ran, I followed him…only to be lost. Then we made it to Red Maid, intentionally failed all challenges, instance finished.

New player asked if it was possible to earn 500 silver for horse. Well, someone sent him 500 silver by mail. Problem solved.

Now I only have to wait for Update 20 if it would bring legendary weapons’ cap increase or not. If not – yeap, I have time to fully equip all toons with all those magic scrolls…

And so the day has ended. Waiting for Update 20.