Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was active with Featured Instances, supplying Naktieskarys with Anfalas scrolls. Also, transferred one Anfalas starlit crystal from Vytautaz to Stormsong.

Vytautaz was active too, hoarding valuable Anfalas scrolls, deconstructed 2 trash legendary items.

Naktieskarys did some runs, not too much.

The main thing now is Update 20. On official forums there was some info about legendary weapon cap increase. I hoarded scrolls and crystals, just to make sure I have enough for all my toons. Now, rumours are, developers listened to players’ position (?) and refused this idea. A pity. Stronger weapon is always good. Yes, it makes endgame more grindy, but with some dedication between updates one could get Anfalas scrolls. Crystals are bit harder (rare loot or tons of Merit stars).

Now I am a bit confused. To hoard or not to hoard? Anyway, I would do featured instances even if I do not hoard.