Lord of the rings online

I messed up with calculations. Well, happens from time to time. Thought I needed 5 Anfalas starlits for 1 toon and was quite happy about Stormsong. It turned out, 5 crystals for one Legendary weapon…i.e. 10 for one toon. So, I lack some.

Messes aside: Stormsong ran Featured instances, was not effective in swamps (too many silences) and good versus final monster. Vytautaz was effective in swamps and useless against final monster. My conclusion: maybe Hunters are most effective in this instance?

Loot: mostly Anfalas scrolls. 1 Anfalas crystal too, wrongly given to Vytautaz (he’s gentleman and would pass to lady, Stormsong…). Naktieskarys is upgrading his Raging blade legacy – you know, shing-shing, more shing-shing, never too much shing-shing. Vytautaz is hoarding, now having some 18 scrolls.

Stormsong was quite happy to help one player in Agamaur. Things were simple: player ran, I nuked. Sometimes that player ran too quickly into swarm of monsters. Lucky for me, he ran to me when in danger. Nobody died, only few stuns, quest line for that player – finished.

Side note: there is a decrease in activity. Sometimes I have to wait untill Featured instance is organized. Almost nobody is asking for help. Either this stuff is on some other channels…or we have decrease in activity. Also, gold scammers are more active. They give us competition who would report first. Sometimes reports are quick and scammers are insta-banned.

In short, things are going good, I do grind for stuff, RNG is not so severe to me. Life is just nice in Lotro.