Lord of the rings online

First of wall, we had an anniversary of our Kinship. Everybody, who could, gathered at Kin house. Music was played, drinks, food, weed given away as much as one could eat/carry. Then, we had “catch the Taltoz’ alts” run. There were 3 Beornining alts of Taltoz, every one skilfully hiding. Task: find all 3, rush back, report nicks, lelvels…and receive gold. The rush began, everyone running, trying…and very few found our Master of Hiding, even with one hint given.
I was not lucky one – found only one Taltoz incarnation – but had a good chance to ride in Falathor homesteads, swim in local river and enjoy views. Then, we had a party – you know, drinks, food, weeds again. When we had enough, party was over.

Other days: Stormsong ran Featured instances, looted Anfalas scrolls, one Tome of Fate-8 (just why not Will-8?). Finally, my Minstrel entered Ostgiliath. This time I use old good “kill them all” approach. Met Orc, kill Orc, run forward. Managed to do quests, got an extra Anfalas crystal of remembrance…and ran out of epic quests. Maybe missed something.

Naktieskarys, with the help of our Kin member, imbued Legendary rune. Now there is a long way of some >200 Anfalas scrolls.

Vytautaz ran Featured instances and started hoarding Anfalas scrolls. Well, Update 20 would require some 35 of them + 5 Anfalas starlits. I have to be ready.

Xinderbor did one run, used maybe 15 experience tomes (ones that give you extra xp). Some +200 Lotro points – bearing in mind that I lack enough mathoms to reach Kindred. Good news – used all Mathom hunters armour.

I really enjoy my activity in Lotro. It finally has meaning: grind for this, do that, gather these. Loot is slowly starting to be good and sometimes I could help other people.

So, the happy weekend has ended. Life was good in lotro.