Lord of the rings online

There was little time to play (again…this time – guests).

Stormsong ran Featured instance, everything went good, even 3 ANfalas scrolls.

Vytautaz ran too, fight was bit more dangerous. First run – and chest loot was…Anfalas crystal of remembrance! My first drop from all featured instances (and instances at all). Really succesfull day, all Kinship congratulated me. Yeap, nice thing for Naktieskarys. I may even have another, probably for sale or barter.

Anfalas scrolls: starting to hoarding them. After Update 20, each legendary weapon would need 35 scrolls: so 70 scrolls per weapon. I was lucky to hoard 100 of them on Stormsong, as well as 4 Anfalas starlits.  If I start counting…Vytautaz needs 5 starlits and 70 scrolls, Naktieskarys needs around 300 scrolls and maybe 30 starlits. Huge grind ahead. Lesson: always stack stuff like that.

And so my short day ended, it was really succesfull in Lotro.