Lord of the rings online

There was a heated talk on World chat, some info even on official forums (where mostly fanboys post how everything is great and that we need full-loot, open-world PvP).
In short: reputation tomes’ price would be increased at least 6 times. Income of marks/medaillions won’t be increased, I’d suspect they may be decreased. Players were enraged, everybody was unhappy…but developers won’t listen, they never listen, never learn.

Next thing are craftable reputation items, of course – limited amount per day. You need them to reach Kindred, you need Kindred to get some new equipment.  No doubt, we would need flowers, because all endgame is about flowers and reputation grind (no actual content).

SSG are just ruining game. People that never listen and never learn. Dol Amroth was big and lagged – ok, let’s learn from mistake…and make Minas Tirith some 10-20 times bigger with lag that bigger. Make Pelennor fields huge and laggy, make Ostgiliath huge and laggy, yay! People complain about flower RNG – oh, ok, we understand, let’s make more flower RNG with lower chances for anything good! If they want to tell me I need to re-grind millions of flowers for gear, then another million for essences and then spend a year to get reputation – I would just say NO.

Currently I do not pick flowers, I do not care about Ithilien essence boxes (RNG). Old armour with old essences? yes, but why bother with RNG ones? Endgame for me is Featured instance, then advancing my crafters. That’s all, dear developers, all other “content” bothers me not.

Meanwhile Stormsong ran Featured instances, performed quite good (and group was quality one). Later helped one player in Enedwaith to kill some Giants.
Naktieskarys ran Featured instances, performed good, got one weaopn maxed.

Now, I need to imbue Legendary rune on Naktieskarys and start another Anfalas scrolls grind.

So, the day has ended, quite good and effective in Lotro.