Lord of the rings online

All main toons were active.
Stormsong: ran featured instance (Sari Surma) both times, looted few Anfalas scrolls. Runs were good, except few suicides from dps. You know, using AoE versus ghost that reflects.

Vytautaz: my single-target Champion. Ran two FIs, performed quite good, few times killed. You know, using single and AoE attacks versus ghost that reflects. Looted few Anfalas scrolls.

Naktieskarys: my AoE Champion. Both FIs too, performed good. Always rushed into heat of the battle, shing-shing, more shing-shing, watch health running low, then some heals, shing-shing again. Killed few times. You know, using AoE melee attacks versus ghost that reflects.

Results: some 8 Anfalas scrolls, one crafting component, some tier 8 Major essences (trash ones). Naktieskarys was able to almost max one legacy on his axe and increase second legacy. Of course, I will need some 200 scrolls for legendary rune…as well as 19 Anfalas starlit crystals (not sure where to get that much before Yule festival…).

Stormsong was able to aid few players. One needed Garth Agamaur, Fortress instance. Intentionally failed last challenge (easier to kill). Job was done. Another player needed help in Enedwaith with killing a Giant. Cute one, some ~200.000 health and has a pet – Bear. We were victorious. My job was done.

And so the day has ended, it was busy and quite good in Lotro. Now – calculate Spring festival, chances of getting more than one Anfalas crystal without getting mad…