Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was the only active. First of all – Featured instance. This week it’s Sari Surma, quite nice one, doable for all classes, melee or ranged. Our group was bit chaotic: leader did not give orders, one tank was meditating too much, talking about need to gio for repairs. First boss was failed one time, last boss was almost a wipe 2 times. Reflecting damage was a bit hard for my ranged Minstrel.
Loot was low, some 3 Anfalas scrolls and 1 Major tier 8 essence.

Then, rushed to aid one kinnie in Angmar. I thought he wanted to quest in Eregion, but he thought Angmar was more important. Ok, I used one Writ of Passage, then we ran through everything. It was a joy for me: first, to aid kinnie; second – it was a feast for my AoE, I just nuked everything, including Screaching Cargul.

After some time my kinnie had to log off, I wished him good luck. My day was over. Kinnie was impressed (“you are epic!”), but as Guardian he would be more epic at lvl.105. He would be one shielding me in heavy combat and I would be one healing him. Then he would kill stuff with me merely helping.

Naktieskarys used all scrolls. He would need at least 40 scrolls for one weapon…and some 200 for another.

And so the day has ended, it was quite good, though short, in Lotro.