Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was active: taking part as healer in Featured instance, looting Anfalas scrolls and some trashy essences. As a healer, I am quite effective – pity, in-combar resurrection has such long cooldown.

Vytautaz has finally maxed legacies in his legendary weapons. Now, all he has to do is to level up them and  – when FI becomes available – grind Anfalas scrolls for Naktieskarys.

And Naktieskarys took part in FI run. It was my first time there, had to listen to tactic…only to fail miserably. First stages – many monsters, many shing-shings, big lag – overall good. Later – same: find mobs, rush forward, AoE, pray that Minstrel uses heals. Tree stage was a nightmare. I attacked tree, then ran to opposite colour mobs, then attacked something (opposite colour mobs, I could swear), got killed by some reflect (?), resurrected, killed again, many of us were killed…untill finally this stage was done. I am totally ineffective with this, it’s just not my style. Lucky, nightmare was over, I could dps last monster and loot 2 scrolls for two runs.

Our leader was polite one, told this run was a mess, but funny one. Not so much fun for me: I like when I am effective, be it dps or heals.

Stormsong managed to help one player with Angmar. A hunter that ran into forced fellowship quests in grumpy Angmar. We ran easily – I just nuked anything that went in our way.
At the end we had two quests: Cauldron of death and to kill some Dragons. Cauldron of death is really challenging: you have 3-4 hordes of monsters, you have to kill them all, then finall monster appears and you have to kill him. I warned Hunter – would be hard and he amy be killed.
He was. I ran into trouble (monster took my power to zero), but we were victorious. For Hunter, it was impressive. The truth is -told him so – at level 105 he would outperform me. Hunter doubted, but in due time he would outperform me. Maybe not in AoE, but still.

Xinderbor was active, grinded almost every TP up to level 20. Now I have ~2100 TPs.

My long weekend was over. Vytautaz finally made legacies at maximum tier, now it’s up to level them up. This is where Dol Amroth dailies would be good. Now, all toons (Stormsong and Vytautaz) could supply Anfalas scrolls to Naktieskarys.

And yeah, festival is close, would have to grind tokens with Naktieskarys for Anfalas crystals.
So, long weekend was over. It was really nice in Lotro.