Lord of the rings online

Celebrating Lithuanian Užgavėnės (a day dedicated at eating pancakes, custom tells to eat 12 times a day…), hence little time for Lotro.

Stormsong ran Featured instance. It was more chaotic with less clear orders. Few people died (maybe 3), managed to resurrect. Did not receive clear orders – switched to healing mode, healed almost everyone, especially Guardians.

Loot: some 3 Anfalas scrolls and 1 worthless essence (Critical defense: trashed). Scrolls were used by Vytautaz, he is not so far from maxing last legacy,

Player that looked for group in Great Barrows – he was there again, asking for other instance help. I did not volunteer: he didn’t answer my tells last time.

Another player was angry on Laurelin, like “f*** you very much”, like we are not helpfull. Well, sometimes people are tired. Sometimes they have other activity. Sometimes they have other stuff. For example, I keep asking from time time – if anyone needs help with questing. In Kinship there is always someone who asks if kinnies need aid. Sometimes question is enough to find enough helpers. That player was too angry and could not see that other people may be busy too.

I managed to aid one player with Loremaster’s book. Level 65, first age, player needed only First age symbol (barterable at skimirsh camp).

And so the day has ended, short, yet a bit productive in Lotro.