Lord of the rings online

New Featured instance is Ost Dunhost, some Poison and Disease (?) wing. Raid-level run that normally requires much cooperation. Therefore, ran only on Stormsong. She was a healer, got her own healing target and spammed heals. Loot was mediocre.

Stormsong also volunteered to help that lvl.20 Minstrel in Great barrows…only to receive to invites. Strange.
Then, someone started talking about Trump…and I decided to sabotate political trolling. Started my own trolling about how I would burn Shire. This maneuver did not work, people kept talking about Trump, only few discussed repressions agains Hobbitses. One person got angry on me because of these talks, I tried to explain, he/she did not answer. A pity. Political talks rarely end well, it could be better to redirect them to some Lore-apprioprate talks. Why discuss Trump, when we can talk about Precious One and Hobbitses?

Vytautaz just crafted Cook guild reputation items.

Stormsong has much unfinished business: all Ostgiliath quest line is not done yet. And I do know that one day I would have to finish these over-boring quests in exchange of some Anfalas crystals, scrolls and Crystal of remembrance.

And so the day has ended: mediocre one in Lotro.