Lord of the rings online

These days ran so quickly with so many activity.

Stormsong ran every Featured instance, looting Anfalas scrolls and giving them to Vytautaz. Yesterday asked if anybody needed help – nobody did. Then, out of nowhwere, lvl.20 Minstrel needed aid in Great Barrows. I did not volunteer, instead tried to explain he/she should wait for next day. Soon discussion began a bit heated, like “you keep telling you are friendly, buy you are not”.

Vytautaz maxed one LI, now used another Anfalas crystal and is maxing last legacy, some 16 scrolls remaining.

Naktieskarys finally finished epic, transferred some Anfalas crystals to Vytautaz, also some Anfalas scrolls. Epic was boring, regions were laggy and I had zerro interest in them. Go there, kill that, finish this. The only few new things were quests in Minas Tirith after battle – some repeating quests Houses of Healing.

Asked in Kin chat about Ithilien essences, but things are over-complicated here. Not sure if it’s worth playing with.

Plans for future:

  • Finish epic with Stormsong (yes, ultra-boring and laggy…)
  • Finish upgrading legacies on Vytautas’ LI
  • Start grinding Anfalas scrolls for Naktieskarys
  • Start grinding Anfalas crystals for Naktieskarys
  • Finish Farmer/Cook on Vytautaz

And so weekend has ended- quiter good and busy in Lotro.