Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was active, running Featured instance and looting Anfalas scrolls. Not much to do after that, though.

Vytautaz just did Yule quests, ending up with Fate-I tome (boind to account, pity; used on Vytautaz) and some Yule tokens. I won’t make it to next Anfalas crystal this Yule. Well, managed to do some Cook crafting. Still many many things to do with it and need to level up Farmer (some materials are on the verge).

Naktieskarys travelled in Minas Tirith – some towns nearby. The area is lagging badly, very difficult to move, almost impossible to use warsteed. Quests are really boring and too long. All I want is to skip all of them, finisgh epic line…then park Naktieskarys. Maybe grind Anorien skarn, maybe just do other stuff.

When Yule ends, I would be able to rush Naktieskarys’ epic quest line – boring, uninteresting, uninviting – and then just do Featured instances. Need some 52 scrolls for Vytautaz and >200 for Naktieskarys. Plenty of job, not so plenty of time.

And so the day has ended, quite good in Lotro.