Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz was active: done Featured instance (same bad parents – Eagles) with our chat celebrity – Ornessar. He is very interesting Guardian. Running ahead, gathering all monsters and then making some party. Won’t be problem should he have Minstrel/Champion for some AoE…but he had not. I tried to do all AoE I could…but our Ornessar died at least one time each run, each time murmuring: plz remind me to use healing skills… Overall, runs were succesfull and I have maxed my LI legacies. Now all I have to do is to apply 2 Anfalas crystals of remembrance and grind for another 52 Anfalas scrolls.

Yule festival was succesfull: got 10 tokens as present, then did all the quests. Result – bartered Anfalas starlit crystal. Now I lack only few…and most likely won’t be able to barter another one: Yule Encore ends at 23 February.

All other toon were inactive. After Yule, I would have some time for them…also for leveling up Cook/Farmer.

And so the day has ended, quite good in Lotro.