Lord of the rings online

Once again, little time to play, real life intervenes. Featured instance is Iobars Peak – a 3-man one. It is quick and quite nice, only challenge may be bit tricky. So, Stormsong ran it, looted some 4 Anfalas scrolls.

Vytautaz had too little time for Featured instance. Just went to Yule, did all quests and now has ~90 tokens. So, today I will get one more Anfalas starlit crystal. Yule quests goes good, only lag sometimes prevents effective play. Most likely I won’t make it to another Starlit crystal. Make one huuuuge Inn association run?
My LI is almost complete, then would probably unlock additional 2 legacies…and grind for more Anfalas scrolls.

Thinking about creating LP grinder. The more I play the more I want to retry Runekeeper, this Sith lord with lightining and soloing almost every instance (along with Warden). Maybe will try it one day.

Yule-II ends soon, so I would return to Featured instances and Cook/Farmer levelling. It requires time and I have enough of it.  Overall, I am satisfied with activities I have.  Future: Cook levelling, grinding Anfala crystals for Naktieskarys.

And so the day has ended, quite effective and busy in Lotro.