Lord of the rings online

Naktieskarys has finished Ostgiliath, now moved to Minas Tirith. Gosh, it was really terrible experience. Everything lags, you can’t use warsteed, quests are over-boring. I take no care in quest text. Go, speak with NPC – ok. Go, there, talk to bunch of NPCs – done, but I do not ready why and what. I know it’s a long chain before I leave laggy Minas Tirith. Rewards are non-existent, trash essences and trash equipment.

Stormsong does every single daily, mostly – efficiently. Northcotton farm is perfect for ranged AoEs. Rewards are quite nice, many Anfalas scrolls, so that Vytautaz needs only 9 more scrolls, then his LI is finished. Stormsong also provided Vytautaz with some Farmer stuff.

Vytautaz did some crafting, then – featured instances. Single target champion is harder, ranged classes usually do all the job before you run to them.

Yule quests are going good, I am on a halfway to another Anfalas crystal on Vytautaz. Lack of time does not help much, so Naktieskarys did not do anything except few boring quests in Minas Tirith.

And do weekend has ended – quite good with many things to do in Lotro.