Lord of the rings online

It was a holiday in Lithuania. We are celebrating February 16 – at that day, 1918, our Independence was proclaimed. Lithuania became free, democratic country untill 1940.

We have Yule Encore or, as I call it, a Yule-II.  Vytautaz farmed tokens and redeemed first Anfalas starlit crystal. Naktieskarys started crystal grind too (one day he would need some 19 of them). Stormsong just ignored festival.

Featured instances: one day I ran them on all toons: Stormsong, Naktieskarys, Vytautaz. Best results were from Stormsong, it’s almost her instance: much of ranged AoE possibilities, self-heals are needed and final boss is mostly ranged only. Naktieskarys performed a bit worse (but hey, when you have Runekeeper-Sith lord, every other class is outperformed by Sith), Vytautaz maybe the worst. However, results were many Anfalas scrolls of empowerement, one Ithilien essence box and some crafting materials. Vytautaz now has one legacy almost maxed.

Naktieskarys entered Ostgiliath, received Crystal of remembrance and continues questing. It seems I would have to do all epic, including Minas Tirith runnings forwards and backwards. I am receiving essences, but these are so unimportant…

Naktieskarys is really under-equipped, but I have no will for flower armour grind. What I have will for, is farming Anorien skarn (only to advance Weaponsmith a bit later).

Stormsong managed to aid one player with Annumimas: I nuked stuff, my friend managed to reach something. Then we easily killed one named monster.

My days in Lotro are now busy and I am satisfied of it. I am self-efficient, I am capable of helping others and even reputation with the Cook guild is growing good. Things are just nice in Lotro.