Lord of the rings online

Stormsong stormed Featured Instance. This week it is Northcotton Farm, 3-man instance. I ran it with 2 ranged players. The run was really great: we had superb ranged dps, we nuked everything, we had self heals and no problems. Just ran, killed and looted. A real joy for ranged nukers like Minstrels…and kind of good for shing-shing Champions. Loot was – some Anfalas scrolls, 1 crafting ingredient and essence.
I have finally maxed LI legacies on Stormsong and finished one legacy on Vytautaz. Now some 58 scrolls to go, but that’s doable if I do 4 runs a day.

Vytautaz crafted Cook reputation items, using items from vault and occasionally buying some. I am starting to think what to do after I have maxed Cook and Farmer. I would leave only crafted ingredients, deleting all seeds, waters, fertilizers, vendor stuff. Before that – yes, make full stacks of everything so that I won’t run out of items. And then – just craft reputation items for essence crafting.

As usually, Vytautaz turned in task items, grinding a way to Kindred with Pelagir.

So far, things are going really good in Lotro. I do not complain that I have -sometimes- too much activity. Run Featured instance, grow up Farmer, grow up Cook, then run Featured instance, then craft Cook reputation items, then help other players…I would complain if there is nothing to do.

And we have Yule-II soon. Hope I would be able to add 1 more Anfalas starlit crystal to my legendary weapon.

So, everything is going well in Lotro. Life is nice once again.