Lord of the rings online

Stormsong wa active. Haud Valandil is an instance for ranged units only. Stand, lure, nuke, run and repeat. Loot was quite nice, Stormsong’s last legacy is close to completion (lvl.59).
Managed to help few players: to power-level somebody’s alt and do some instance in Garth Agarwen for another.

Vytautaz did some Featured instances, looted Anfalas scrolls and growed up his LI. Also, did many crafting: once again, field after field, harvesting after harvesting. Was making strategic supplies so that some ingredienss won’t bother me again. It requires dedication, but once again – I enjoy being self efficient.

Yule-II (for one week) is near. Vytautaz with his 68 Yule tokens would need a lot of other tokens to get 1 Anfalas crystal. Naktieskarys would need them too. Maybe even Stormsong (extra Anfalas never hurts, right?).

My game time in Lotro is quite good. I craft, I fight (and pray for instance where melee toons are needed), I grow my reputation with various factions and freeing some vault/inventory space.

And so weekend has ended, it was really good in Lotro.