Lord of the rings online

Stormsong did Featured instance run, everything went really good. Before that, had some talk in LFF, someone told me in Haud Valandil everey group would expect Minstrel to  heal. Every time or just when the cursed bridge starts?  However, our runs were nice, loot was good and challenge was completed.

Vytautas did some farming. Things goes really slow: plant one stuff (cherry/turnip…), harvest, then repeat untill you are out of patience, craft Cook stuff that gives 2 xp only. I am running low on some ingredients, so would have to re-craft. And reputation grow is still slow.

Vytautaz also ran Featured instance, but thigns were wrong there. Mostly melee group, we had to avoid as many Limfarns as possible, yet some “gave” us Spectral champions. last fight was a nightmare, too slow and ineffective. Challenge failed. Yet – some Anfalas scrolls and 1 valuable Solvent.

January 14-21 we would have Yule fest again, I probably would have an option to grind for Anfalas crystals. At least Naktieskarys should be able to do so.

And so the day has ended, quite good in Lotro. Looking forward for more activity, especially in Yule.