Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was the only active: felt really tired, so had time only for featured instance

And it ran good. Group was in a hurry, so 2 times they let Limfarns too close and had to deal with spawned monsters. The very situation I sometimes want tos cream: dear fellows, please do not hurry and let me deal with limfarns! I will nuke them, you could pass freely. But group was in a hurry. Final fight was kind of easy (just too bad I have too little time to retrait/reskill). Loot – 4 Anfalas scrolls, 2 ingredients (gems) and 2 major tier 8 essences.

Stormsong’s Legendary weapon’s last legacy is now close to completion. After then, Vytautaz could be supplied with scrolls.

I enjoy my days in Lotro. They are full of activity, be it Featured instances or crafting or just helping others. Ithilien flowers, essence crafting – are just “no-no” for the time. Sorry, no will for senseless grind. This aside, I am quite happy with Lotro.