Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was the only to do Featured Instance and quite selfishly take all Anfalas scrolls to herself. Result – my last legacy increased , some 17 scrolls remain.

Vytautaz did not do Featured instance: champion has little to do. Early stages – yes, AoE monsters…later only as little damage as possible because monsters reflect. Then – some AoE again. And never get close to those Limfarns that wander around!

No fighting – well, then let’s craft. I spend almost all time seeding various stuff, harvesting and finally finishing my Westfold cook to full mastery. Now – just few tier remain to grind. This is where Stormsong and Vytautaz could cooperate: both are Farmers. Vytautaz also started to use special items that increase chances of critical success in crafting: inventoruy space is really valuable.

Update is already visible: we have global LFF chanell, so all “looking for instance” are there. So far not easy to cope with this.

And so the day has ended. So far it has been good in Lotro.