Lord of the rings online

“Now that’s what I call a bloody damn miracle”
La Hire / The Messenger – the story of Joan of Arc

Miracles does happen, I personally believe in them. Of course, rarely happens, that’s why they are miracles.

Vytautaz was wandering one day, knowing not what to do. Turning in Pelagir reputation items, wandering about Dol Amroth. Somehow decided to visit hated Ost Giliath (OG). Swift ride to local noobs’ camp, then moving -slowly slowly, with enemies marked on radar – around. Found one side with not so much monsters, maybe 10 Haradrim. Moved, manging to sneak and kill only those I needed to. Then got into treacherous river, health too low, yet managed to get ashore. Once again, wandering in streets, map being just an abuse, not a helper. Some uruks, orcs, haradrims, rats and bats. Finally, Culverts, then typical “oh yeah, my soldier is missing…get your ass and find the soldier”.

Finally, reward – valuable Anfalas starlit crystal! I was overjoyed that I finally freakin’ soloed it without any help. And was saddened – no longer could I repeat OG was raid-level fortress. One thing I say for me – I wrote what I firmly believed in. No propaganda, no rose/black glasses. Now, I would be forced to enter with Naktieskarys and Stormsong.

Crystal was passed to Stormsong, she used on her book, added +NN % of Light damage.

Ostgiliath aside, Vytautaz crafted and crafted, did some Featured instance runs. Fornost:water was a good one for Champion and a curse for Minstrel. Anfalas scrolls must be distributed by whoever looted..
Crafting: a good one, reputation grows quickly and I have plenty things to do.

Update: Yes, we had an update. Main good news: flower phials are now bound to account, so one toon may grind them forever and other toons may use them. Housing also got some revamp, looks like we are allowed to move items in houses:would check it. Overall, updates seem to be positive ones.

Life is busy in Lotro once again. I have big need in Anfalas scrolls, yet those are doable. I have many farmer/cook job to do and hundreds of Anfalas scrolls to grind. Also, I could grind at least 2 Anfalas starlit (1 on Naktieskarys, 1 on Stormsong). Even after I bring my cook to Anorien, would be somehow busy with crafting Legendary item stuff, getting those medium/big patterns.

And so the weekend has ended – really good in Lotro. Just missing days when OG was 101% impossible to enter…