Lord of the rings online

Ahelissa, my Tailor art, crafted some lvl.40 armour for one person. Used all my Medium Artisan patterns and some of (non-rare) Diamond shards. Of course, for free, I never craft for money. If I need special materials – I would ask for them. But patterns cannot be supplied, they are Bind on Acquire.

Stormsong participated in Featured instance runs. Except silencing me several times, everything else went good. Some scrolls looted and that is good.

Vytautaz ran Featured instace and this was a real shine. Shing-shing at its best, no fear or silencing. And group did understand this. Then, applying all Anfalas scrolls, Might legacy increased so that only 1.5 runs remain to max it. Then, I crafted Cook reputation items – some Small and Medium ones. Reputation increases, but is really slow, would take me at least month.

Of course, it means rather quick farmer/cook levelling…and time consuming. Got into some dispute with one kinnie. He reminded me I could exchange several small items to one large. However, I think this is a loss to reputation – and at the same time efficient way to grind Medium/Large items. Just craft several small items, barter them, craft again.

Mathematic proves I am right:
Small Exper repast: +300 reputation.
7 small repasts may be exchanged into 1 medium (+900).
900 reputation instead of 2100.

However, things in Lotro are going good. I have plenty of crafting activity, I have Featured instance runs and only lack vault/inventory space to hold everything I need. But that’s doable.

And so the busy day in Lotro was over. I am busy and satisfied of it.