Lord of the rings online

Stormsong did Featured instance runs. Not so succesfull: died twice,  but at the end got some Anfalas scrolls. Later helped one player with Angmar’s named monsters. It was just epic: I nuked stuff, one lvl.102 Hunter helped to kill too. We ran, we killed and person we helped was really impressed. Well, it’s where Minstrel shines: ranged AoE nukes. Give us distant group and let us nuke everything before it reaches us. And later it was some 01:00 AM and I had to go to sleep.

Vytautaz did Featured instance runs, was succesfull (just because Fear means nothing to champions). Some Anfalas scrolls looted, my Might legacy was increased.

And then I crafted. One player asked to craft breakfast for deed. Ok, crafted and sent all. Then, once again planting, harvesting, once again crafting. Had very little time, so no Cook guild reputation items produced and used.

Guild reputation would take month at least. I am preparing (as much as time allows) for Westfold crafting. Gathering materials, depositing stuff so that I could craft all 3 items at once. But I am determined to do it.

Checked my mules: Windstorms had an almost empty vault! Well, she gladly accepted some stuff from Stormsong. Next time I would think what else can be sent to Windstorms.

And so the day has ended, a short, yet a godo one in Lotro.