Lord of the rings online

Stormsong: active only in Featured instance.

Vytautaz: Featured instance was a festival. It’s Fornost Water wing where water casts fear. And fear silences Minstrels. While Minstrels can’t attack –  my Champion rushes forward for more and more shing shing. Unfortunately, the end was not so bright. I had to swim, was lame with navigating and had to witness how Rune keeper just soloed everything. Last monster is for ranged units only.
However, I got enough Anfalas scrolls to max Devastating strike. Yes, I could now level up Might. And after that – doesn’t matter what to max up.

Crafting went good. First, I have prepared stuff for lower tier Cook reputation items, so had just to take out and craft. Second, I am making preparations for future reputation items, concentrating only at stuff I will need. Finally, have access to Westfold tier.
Of course, it takes inventory space and vault too, they are exploding. I have different seeds, waters, fertilizers (just don’t try to remind me about droppings we had to collect!), then some products any field produces and special materials (like vinegar).
One very kind player offered me help and reminded I had alts. Yeap, I still have Windstorms and Ahelissa. Ahelissa still has Kinship house where she could store stuff. Would need to check and then use free vault/inventory space, especially one at Windstorms.

Crafting goes really grindy, sometimes slow, but still nice. 100% self-sufficient and it’s all about buying vendor stuff. Plus, Ithilien spice is needed, so I must focus on Candles (Scholar), Spice (Cook), maybe Blades (weaponsmith). Not sure about Tailor, she may need some Cloth (?). Which leaves me with Metalsmith and Jeweller stuff – these I could exchange to something I need. Another bonus of crafting: I gather some dye-ingredients for my Scholar too.

World chat was not too active. Offered help to one player, but he needed Sammty on level. One kinnie needed lvl.45 quickly, was offered help, but rejected powerlevelling. Yes, powerlevelling is bad, unless someone wants to reach lvl.20 for an alt to use reputation items. Or from lvl.20 to lvl.40 for same reason. Otherwise it’s almost evil: you grow without knowing how does stuff work.

Lotro days are once again busy for me, I always lack time and inventory. However, need to make a break and grind Lotro points for further Guild access.

And so the busy day has ended. The day was good in Lotro: fighting, cooking, depositing, cooking and farming…